Self-assessment tool for ABS Compliance by organizations

ABS compliance in seven steps: guidance for organizations collecting, transferring, holding or using Genetic Resources

A tool developed by China Williams (RBG Kew) and Christopher H C Lyal (NHM)

The Nagoya Protocol will impact users of Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge associated with Genetic Resources across many sectors: agriculture and food science, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, microbiology, marine biology, traditional medicine, biotech, and non-commercial research. Users will need to develop tools and strategies to aid compliance with national legislation on ABS. Building on their experience and lessons learned in developing toolkits for the non-commercial research, the authors of this new tool suggest a checklist methodology for this and other sectors that focuses on common themes and key issues.

The text of the tool can be viewed or downloaded here.

The worksheets that will help you assess your organisation may be downloaded in Word format here.  

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