Tools and Resources

This page provides links to tools developed to help taxonomic, collection managing and other relevant organisations manage ABS matters. The menu bar to the left opens separate pages for each of the main classes of tools so far developed and available.

It also provides links to web sites that have pulled together helpful information on ABS and the Nagoya Protocol. Some of these are groups to which the Museum and Gardens belong.

In each case the tools that are of most importance to the Natural History Museum, RBG Kew and RBG Edinburgh are listed first. Other tools of the same type may be listed after these, to provide additional information. However, before using any of these tools check with your institutional policies and procedures.  These may differ in some areas because of local requirements. 

The tools may help interpret or evaluate the approaches being used by colleagues in other institutions.

A key tool that has been developed by the CBD Secretariat is the Access and Benefit-Sharing Clearing House This provides information about the legal requirements of countries for users seeking access to Genetic Resources, and the identities of the National Authorities who will provide information. There are also links to a great deal of information and other resources.

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