ABS Agreements

When negotiating ABS agreements it is helpful to have guidance on how to manage the process, and helpful model contractual clauses.

The ABS Capacity Development Initiative, jointly with the Fridtjof Nansen Institute, has published a booklet, authored by Tomme Young and Morten Walløe Tvedt.  It provides an extremely brief summary of the main rules, issues and questions that the parties to an ABS transaction must be aware of when negotiating, drafting and implementing an ABS contract. Clearly, a pamphlet of this size cannot provide an actual guide to these issues – its goal is to introduce the information contained in a researched book that has been developed going more into details of contracting for ABS, offering practical lessons and guidance to the persons who might have the responsibility for negotiating and drafting ABS contracts. The booklet can be downloaded here.

The Swiss Academy of Sciences has produced a Toolbox for drafting Mutually Agreed Terms (Agreement on Access and Benefit-sharing for Academic Research). This is available here

The United Nations University – Institute of Advanced Studies carried out a Survey of Model Contractual Clauses, Codes of Conduct, Guidelines, Best Practices and Standards for the CBD, which is available here

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