Data management

Data use statement

It may be helpful to add the following statement to publications and databases that contain the results of utilization of genetic resources (ie sequence data). The statement was produced by the CETAF group

"Data on genetic material contained in this paper is published for non-commercial use only. Utilization by third parties for purposes other than non-commercial scientific research may infringe the conditions under which the genetic resources were originally accessed, and should not be undertaken without obtaining consent from the corresponding author of the paper and/or obtaining permission from the original provider of the genetic material."

Managing permit data

The GGBN has developed a permit vocabulary as an extension of the Darwin Core and ABCD. This can be seen here.  The GGBN Permit Vocabulary is meant to be used with a 1:many relation for 1 specimen, tissue, or DNA record. This is to allow more than one permit type for each record, e.g. collecting permit, export permit, import permit. Within a Darwin Core-Archive implementation it can be used with both the Occurrence Core and the new defined Material Sample Core. Within ABCD please use the ABCDGGBN implementation.

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